Sun. Feb 24, 2013 at 7:30pm CST
18 and Over
Price: $10.00
18 and Over
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Price: $10.00
18 and Over
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with guests
Doors 6:00PM
Show 7:30PM
Ages 18+
Live at Rock Island Brewing Company

Eye Empire has built a following through unwavering perseverance. Their collective mantra of "Love, Respect, Support," is one they practice internally, in all interaction with the fan base, and inevitably embrace with near evangelical fervor in the live show. Their mission is community, and unequivocally they have begun to build one that is populated by fans, friends, and other artists, covering corners of the globe from Ukraine to Ypsilanti and Santiago to San Francisco. Singer Donald "DC" Carpenter shares, "For me, it is something I feel is needed in the overall picture. Three Simple words that say so much: Embrace Love Not Hate & Judgment. Respect Everyone no Matter Race, Creed or Preference and Support Each Other by Being Present & Active. If You are at an Eye Empire Show, then we are all there for the same reason."

The members of Eye Empire have all seen success in the past through other ensembles. The origin of the band began in 2007 when Corey Lowery (Stuck Mojo / Stereomud / Dark New Day) and B.C. Kochmit (Switched) began to collaborate. Lowery remembers,, "BC And I started playing together when he was in Switched, and I knew that he would be the guitar player that I would one day create something special and lasting with. He has a great sense of melody with rhythm and solos. A great understanding of arrangement and what's best for the song. He knows the difference between shredding and holding one note, and making that one note sing. He truly has his own style as an artist."

After a couple of years of writing and searching for the right voice, Donald Carpenter (Submersed) joined in October, 2009. Lowery recalls, "I met him Halloween three years ago and from the first note he sang, I knew he was something special. He treats his voice like an instrument always focused pushing himself to finding new voices with each song. Lyrically he believes in what he is singing. Never preaching but expressing what he's been through or seen in his life on the road. He's always focused, and loves the process of studio, and then making it come to life with the live show." Former Texas Hippie Coalition drummer Ryan Bennett joined in 2011, whom Lowery believes is, "One of the baddest drummers to come to the rock 'n roll scene in years. Grabbing some of his favorite drummers and making his own style with Eye Empire. He's the guy that is always smiling staying positive until he gets behind the drums then he explodes."

Guitarist BC Kochmit shares, "Like me, they're a bunch of guys who have been around the block a few times. Aside from being my best friends, and all being extremely talented on their respective instruments, we all share an almost self destructive hunger to succeed. We really do have a team mentality in this band."

Musically, they have established a connection that has witnessed an organic swell. Bassist and in-house Producer Corey Lowery offers, "I think a lot of it has to do with the chemistry together. Musically we are always pushing each other to stay fresh and new. We are always evolving. There's a level of trust that we have for each other that allows us to take music to the heaviest with up-tempo to the simplest three chord progression with a acoustic guitar. Rock 'n roll's is a rebellion art so it's very important to be fearless not putting any ceilings on the art that we do. From the start we have kept this belief and we've watched it grow and it continues to grow to this day."

After a year plus of radio support on the single "I Pray," close to 400 appearances over the past couple of years, and a unity that keeps Eye Empire going strong, the focus shifts to crowd favorite "More Than Fate" as single number two. Carpenter offers, "I am deeply connected to this story. You truly have to live by your heart and trust that life will lead you in the direction you are needed. I believed and it lead me to Eye Empire. I will never take that for granted."
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RIBCO 1815 2nd Ave
Rock Island, IL 61201